I have always loved the look of terrariums and cactus gardens in glass bowls. They are such a lovely feature to have in your home or out on your deck.

I found glass tumblers lying around my house and decided to try grow some cactus and succulent cuttings in them to see how they would turn out.

My first attempt was both good and bad.

For my first attempt, I literally threw some pebbles and soil into each glass tumbler and planted the cacti and hoped for the best. After some time, I found that the area around the soil became mouldy. I did some research and discovered that if the container you are planting in doesn’t have holes at the bottom for drainage, then it’s important to put a layer of charcoal after the pebbles. Charcoal prevents mould and assists with drainage.

The other mistake I made was overwatering, which also added to the mould problem. These plants are contained and therefore only require a small amount of water each week.

Despite the few mistakes that I made, I did successfully grow four cactus and succulent cuttings into full grown plants in the end. This was such an amazing process to watch.

Now that I have done some research into this method of planting and, now that I have learnt from my first mistakes, I want to attempt round two of this cactus and succulent growing method.

So, I have replanted my first cacti and succulents in my garden and I am now attempting to grow for more cacti and succulents in my glass tumblers.

Here’s how I’ve done it!

What you’ll need:

4 Glass tumblers

River pebbles

Decorative pink stones


Potting spade

4 Cactus/succulent cuttings

Step 1:

Put a layer of river pebbles at the bottom of your tumblers. This works as the drainage.

Step 2:

Put a layer of charcoal on top of your pebbles. This assists with drainage and prevents mold.

Step 3:

Add your potting soil. Don’t fill your tumblers all the way to the top.

Step 4:

Plant your cactus / succulent cuttings into the soil in your tumblers. The best thing about growing cacti and succulents is that you can literally plant a piece of it and it will grow into a full plant. Incredible!

Step 5:

Decorate the top of your soil, around your cutting, with some pink or white stones.

Step 6:

Give each tumbler two tablespoons of water. Be very careful not to over water these as time goes on. Because there are no holes at the bottom of the tumblers, very little watering is needed. If you water them too much it will become moldy and your plants may rot. I would suggest giving your cactus tumblers 2 tablespoons of water once a week and make sure they are sitting somewhere nice and sunny, like a window sill.

And there you have it. I hope you will try grow your own cactus tumblers and have just as much fun as I have had doing it.

Happy planting!